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Ben H.

Jaccari N.

Ben M.

John M.

Clint S.

“You get 2 great things from Brimble and Clack. #1 a perfect fitting suit custom made for you. #2 a fitting and styling experience like no other. I've had two other "custom" suits made for me before and Brimble and Clark blew both of those out of the water."

 "Sim was beyond AMAZING and was very knowledgeable of his product. I’ve been wearing suits for years, but he changed my entire perspective of how I will begin wearing my suits in the future."

"Sim you killed it. Absolutely. People LOVED the suit and kept asking where I got it from. Even the wedding photographer said I looked too good to be at the wedding and needed to be on a magazine cover in that suit"

"Brimble and Clark is the most incredible suit buying experience I’ve ever had. I worked for Ralph Lauren for 4 years wearing what I thought were some of the best suits money could buy by Purple Label and Zegna. Not anymore. Every time I wear my Brimble and Clark suits I get compliments. This never happened to me before in any other suit and it happens every single day now."

"I had the intention of only buying one or two suits. However, due to Sims knowledgeability, attention to detail, sense of style (and just how smokin’ these suits look on me) I ended up buying five suits, custom shirts, and an overcoat. I couldn’t be happier!”

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